Goal: training of bachelors for responsible management of public finances through the system of state power and local self-government, legally stipulated by the relationship between them on a new technological platform.

Graduates of “Public finance management and digital technologies” Program:

  • will be able to apply financial management methods of public companies and public corporations, develop and implement responsible budgetary policies
  • will be able to apply digital technologies to solve applied financial and economic problems
  • will be able to carry out planning and internal control of the organization's activities
  • will be able to use statistical methods of analysis, comment on the results, conduct financial and accounting expertise, assess risks when making forecasts for development programs and their financial support

Registration for educational programs


Liana Kuznetsova
E-mail: l.kuznetsova@ranepa.ru

Elizaveta Grankina
E-mail: grankina-ev@ranepa.ru


Svetlana Miskaryan
E-mail: miskaryan-sg@ranepa.ru


Stanislav Grinyakin
E-mail:  grinyakin-sa@ranepa.ru

Margarita Ivinskaya
E-mail: ivinskaya-ms@ranepa.ru
Department of finance and banking
Dean: Seda Nasibyan
Room 422, Prospect Vernadskogo, 82, Moscow, Russia, 119571

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