The first and unique in Russia professional retraining program Master of Management in the field of strategic female leadership Specialized Master of Management (SMM)

The mission of the program is to develop the potential of women to create a world of sustainable future

The goal of the program is to train leaders who are able to ensure a high level of management in various areas and levels of management, as well as train socially responsible leaders who can ensure the reputation of a successful organization in a changing world.

Learning Results:

  • A leader with an understanding of trends and strategic vision, tasks and development tools, emotion management skills, business reputation, interaction technologies: GR management, business diplomacy
  • Creating a personal brand, own strategy of influence in the company, confident presentation of plans
  • Carry out strategic transformations, propose innovative designs and successfully manage organizational change;
  • Form teams using up-to-date rules (4K), technician (profiling), select creative (testing, interview, essays): 
  • Offer mechanisms to increase team involvement in the implementation of the company's mission, achieve goals, responsibly influence sustainable development
  • Constantly grow professionally and not burn out, observe Work-life balance and time-management, keep up with everything.

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Liana Kuznetsova

Elizaveta Grankina


Svetlana Miskaryan


Stanislav Grinyakin

Margarita Ivinskaya
Department of finance and banking
Dean: Seda Nasibyan
Room 422, Prospect Vernadskogo, 82, Moscow, Russia, 119571

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