In early June, the largest online recruitment portal hh.ru presented the annual ranking of the best Departments and universities of Moscow for 2019-2020.

The rating is based on the analysis of the graduates’ demand on the labor market. This criterion is also one of the most worrying and paramount in choosing a place to study.

The TOP-5 includes departments that train the most successful specialists. Graduates of these departments receive the largest number of job invitations, higher salaries, and they are looking for a job in their specific field more often than others.

In assessing the Departments, the experts divided all areas of employment into 9 groups. In each group the best universities and departments were picked out, whose graduates are the most demanded on the labor market.

In “Economics and Finance” the RANEPA’s Department of Finance and Banking ranks 4th with a total score of 8.6.

This fully confirms our mission, which we see in training competitive specialists involved in the financial sector development, capable of having a socially responsible impact on financial processes.” 


Liana Kuznetsova
E-mail: l.kuznetsova@ranepa.ru

Elizaveta Grankina
E-mail: grankina-ev@ranepa.ru


Svetlana Miskaryan
E-mail: miskaryan-sg@ranepa.ru


Stanislav Grinyakin
E-mail:  grinyakin-sa@ranepa.ru

Margarita Ivinskaya
E-mail: ivinskaya-ms@ranepa.ru
Department of finance and banking
Dean: Seda Nasibyan
Room 422, Prospect Vernadskogo, 82, Moscow, Russia, 119571

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