DBA «Finance and Banking Program»

DBA «Finance and Banking Program» is designed for senior executives in finance and banking. More than 400 graduates of DBA RANEPA Program successfully manage organisations of various forms of ownership.

Key features of the DBA Finance and Banking Program:

  • The program was created by scientific and business experts with a high rating of media activity based on 14 years of experience in training leaders in the financial sector of Russia and neighboring countries.
  • Combination of research and educational components: the research process is a priority for making successful decisions, and the educational program promotes the development of competencies for practical achievements.
  • A doctoral student has been engaged in graduation thesis for three years under the guidance of leading scientific and business experts.

The Doctor of Business Administration program consists of three parts: 

  • Research part – preparation and defense of doctoral thesis.
  • Training part – mastering new segments of modern management practice and theory within the framework of classes on key issues of management and business development.

The training part is the development of new skills necessary for a modern leader in the process of special trainings conducted by experienced domestic and foreign trainers.

Learning Results

  • Preparation and defense of the thesis, providing for the solution of a major problem of applied nature to achieve the business objectives of the participant
  • The ability to develop and implement innovative intelligent structures and tools for improving the efficiency of finance and banking business
  • Ability to solve non-standard cross-functional management problems on the basis of scientific research and achievements of the global practice

Finding new ideas and solutions for your business, long-term business contacts, friends and partners, membership in new professional clubs



Seda Sarkisovna Nasibyan

Dean of the RANEPA’s Department of Finance and Banking, D. Sc. Economics, Professor, Member of the RANEPA’s Academic Council


With the changes taking place in global and regional financial markets and the increasing role of finance in the responsible management of public assets, financial industry executives need solutions to protect against economic depression and ensure the stability of financial organizations. The policy based on the principles of business ethics and social responsibility, harmonization of business relations conducted by the leaders of financial organizations will determine the trust of business and the public, ultimately, the success of the organization.  






Abel Gezevich Aganbegyan

Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academic supervisor of DBA


Investing in a person, his knowledge and skills is the most effective thing, especially if it concerns top managers who determine the success of entire organizations and enterprises. The accumulated human capital of leaders is the main national wealth of our country.  

DBA program has been implemented in RANEPA for 13 years under the leadership of a Member of RAS, Abel Aghanbegyan




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Margarita Ivinskaya
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Department of finance and banking
Dean: Seda Nasibyan
Room 422, Prospect Vernadskogo, 82, Moscow, Russia, 119571

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